9 Feb 2011

Documentary on Borneo's Pygmy Elephant

This is another foreign-made documentary featuring Sabah's wildlife. This time it's all about the Borneo's pygmy elephants :=). The scene and sound of the jungle were so beautifully captured, giving us the exotic and dramatic ambience of our very own Pandora :=). I rank this documentary higher than the previous one hosted by Michelle Yeoh (about the Orang Utan).

This is Part 1 of 5 (the rest are on YouTube).

The dude with long lush hair (featured on the entire documentary...kira staring la bah ni kan) is a wildlife ranger named Engelbert Dausip (Bert). He's on Facebook if you care to search :=). Too bad the local-sounded narration is actually not his voice (but a Malay guy), it sounds more like a Japanese guy speaks English...haha.