25 Jan 2006

Sean 77...another excellent local production!

First and foremost I don’t know much about these talents, infact there were not much info about them available around. I tried to log on to the web site stated on their album cover, http://www.shawnproduction.com unfortunately it is no longer available. So please correct me if I’m wrong about this group. I first came across about the name some time in 2003/2004 through a banner promoting a concert featuring Amy Search (unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the concert). Well, the banner stated “organised by Shawn Music” so I put it as the name of another concert promoter in KK. I came across another ad about Sean on paper few months afterwards something about announcing his appearance in a concert. There were few more ads follow up since then, featuring either a group or a single person. It forced me to guess, is this a group or a solo act? Anyway I finally had the opportunity sampling Sean’s talent during the TV3 Carnival at Likas Sports Complex last year. He did a solo performance singing “Manusia Biasa”, then I concluded that this is indeed a solo act. Listening to his not-so-Malay pronunciation of the word “rahsia” I made a wild guess that he is a pure Chinese (any objection?). After the concert, I found out later that he did make a solo appearance in TV3’s Muzik Muzik program nominating the song “Manusia Biasa” (hmmm not bad). Obviously he’s got the style of a celebrity. I stumbled upon them again during the “Terima Kasih Sabahan” night at KDCA featuring Sabahans’ AF3 sudents. But this time with the name Sean 77 (I’m confused but never mind, it’s not important). I'm not too sure if they have actually come out with a full studio album before? They were not much talk or promotion about it. Apart of making appearance in Tv3's Muzik Muzik, I also learnt, the song “Ika koupusan Ku” was once in the Dusun song charts. Am I outdated about them? I probably am. Nevertheless I came across this fantastic CD album of theirs recently (with a Perakuan B approval dated 21/12/2005), comprising of 12 audio tracks together with six bonus VCD/MTV karaoke tracks. Again I made a guess that this is a re-compilation/packaging merely to include the bonus MTV karaoke tracks (which means they have a full album released before…err…whatever!).

Talking about the album, I’ve to admit that the production is superb. It’s another excellent and solid local production apart of Atama’s My Tribal Roots and the Double Take’s album (just to name a few). Except for the vocal department (it's not that bad actually but those who have heard this CD, collectively agreed the lead vocal needs some polishing) I’m impressed at all aspects of the album production (unfortunately they're no credits mentioned so I don’t know who’s who involved). The VCD/MTV karaoke is quite distinctive in terms of graphical image quality compared to other local (Sabah) productions I’ve seen before, not to mention the pretty face of a female model featured in the VC.

I present two songs from this album, they are the rock/hip hop version of “Ika Koupusan Ku” and the Dusun version of Gerhana Ska Cinta's “Senyuman Raga Mu”...take a listen!