9 Dec 2006

AJL21: Quite an unfair results

OK it was a very tough fight last night, but having two M.Nasir's songs in the final is a bit unfair. Both songs almost have the same melody and musical arragement (kind of an a-go-go drum beat). Well everybody knows that he grumbled a lot after results for the balada and irama Malaysia categories were announced, cause none of his songs in those categories made it into the final. Consequently he threatened to withdraw from taking part in the pop rock category. Could this be the reason behind his double victory last night?...the organizer/juries...sort of..took the drastic decision (to have both his songs in the final) out of sympathy? (Question marks..question marks!)

So the cathcy Caramu didn't make it (despite Nikki's 'malatup' performance). And am very surprise to learn from Mr. Manager's blog that the juries only look at melody (50%) and lyrics (50%). If this is true, it's kind of insane and obviously unfair to judge songs only by these two aspects. In my opinion a song competition like AJL should look into every component that make up a song...melody, lyrics, vocal (vocal arrangement including background vocal) and musical arrangement. It's all about creativity, the most creative songs should be given due consideration to be in the final. While i'm in the same opinion with the juries for Diary Seorang Lelaki and Tak Tercapai Akalmu (this one even has a creative title)...songs, like Caramu, Lemas and Da Bomb show high level of creativity and to some extent reflects the evolution of our music industry. I'm not an expert but just expressing out my humble opinion..anyway the best thing to do now is to forget about AJL and enjoy the malatup performance below....