18 Dec 2006

TV3's Gang Starz: due attention on "4Sabomye"

TV3's Gang Starz had just completed its round of audition for Sabah and according to a report one of the eight groups that auditioned on Saturday at Promenade Hotel KK, and would most likely be in the running is a quartet who called themselves "4Sabomye" (not so sure how to pronounce this!). They comprise of Supian Buang 27, (Menggatal), Alifa Adaha Asmawie, 21(Tenom), Said Ali Said Idrus, 24 (Tawau) and Azmi Shahril, 26 (Keningau), who are all part-time dancers. They won the praise of the jury with their well-presented "Kau Ilham ku" despite only three days' practice

(The pic is originally blur)

Well..hopefully they'll be in the running and as good as what has been reported