1 Dec 2006

The end of Akademi Fantasia??

by JOE LEE - IS this the end of Akademi Fantasia? Attempts are being made to get the fifth season of popular reality TV talent search programme Akademi Fantasia on-air. Rocked by controversy and several other issues which marred last season’s production, Astro, however, appears confident of the pull the show still has on audiences.This is being done despite the plunging voting volume of SMSbased results and the decline in appeal of the winners, in comparison to the show’s previous success stories of instant fame and fortune.

The recent announcement that IKON, an SMS-based reality TV programme cum Asean awards show, will be aired by official broadcast partner Astro, has set tongues wagging.This is because the time period assigned for IKON, between May and August, has traditionally been reserved for Akademi Fantasia.Nevertheless, Astro has expressed its confidence that another season of Akademi Fantasia is still pretty much on the cards.However, the show’s regular calendar slot will most likely be ‘sacrificed’ in favour of IKON.

Astro acting head of Malay programming Khairul Anwar Salleh confirmed rumours of the time-slot reshuffl e to accommodate IKON.“Nothing is concrete at the moment, but yes, it (AF) will most probably go on earlier as we have recommended it,” he said.“It now depends on the higher- ups to decide as to how these changes will be implemented.”However, he declined to con- firm whether the show, which has made stars of past winners such as Vince, Zahid, Mawi and Faizal, may not even go on air.“We have not made a decision at the moment, so we’ll just have to wait and see,” Khairul said.Astro programming head Zainir Aminullah refused to comment.


dbfm: I think it's not a bad idea at all to cease AF program. Most of the "graduates" have yet to release any solo albums. Maestro should further groom and exploit the current graduates instead of having another pool of new talents.