29 Dec 2006

Sabah VFM Guest DJ of The Year

This is an annual program by Sabah VFM but just wondering what happen to the past winners... never heard of them DJ-ying on radio soon after winning the competition.


Unknown said...

Dear Mr DBos..Hullo there! This is actually not the 1st time I've visited ur blog. It's actually on my favorites list since last year! I'm guessing u must be a reporter/journalist as I read that you covered various state events in your blog? Anyways, to be honest, I am commenting because my picture is in the news clipping above! ( I googled for this news and was linked to ur blog!) =)
I;m wondering if I can get your help to retrieve a recent news write up on Guest DJ 2007 that was apparently published on 25th Dec 2007 in NSabahTimes?
Hope 2 get your reply! =)
In the mean time, keep blogging. You've got a fan here =)

-Lisa Sabrina A-

dBOS-fm said...

Oh ok...I coincidently have the clipping in my archives. I'll upload it later. Check it out soon.

...and thanks for your visit...:=)