23 Dec 2006

Mosik Christmas Charity Concert

Some snapshots of the concert last night. What a great concert! Congratulations to Boni Mosius and his team for organising such an exceptional event!

(There were official cameramen around so I assume there'll be a VCD of this concert available soon for sale , which proceeds I believe will go to charity fund, hence i'm not in the position to post the video clips I've captured...except for the one below that features Jac...she's so superb...simply superb!)

Fabulous Super Diva Jaclyn Victor performing Gemilang at the concert.

What a SUPERB high class performance! For once I thought she was lip-syncing. Unfortunately no Christmas song from her..I was hoping at least one Christmas song and it's got to be 'O Holy Night'.

P/s: Errr..please excuse the voices behind the camera..*LOL*..Jac requested our side to sing the 'reality' part..and we did exactly that...just to be sporting to Jac..OK!