8 Dec 2006

TV3's AJL21: All the best to Nikki

Tonight will be the semi final for the pop/rock category of Anugerah Juara Lagu 21. Caramu the catchy tune written by Audy Mok and outstandingly performed by Nikki (ft Zahid of course) will be one of the contenders.

"It's gonna be a tough and close fight!" says Mr Manager, but to me Caramu deserves a place in the final and deserves to win the pop/rock category...and a strong contender to win the AJL21! (after all it is better than the simple Keliru by Ajai and Nurul that won the AJL few years back). It is one of the most celebrated songs this year. 8TV used the song as background tune for its programs promotion and so did TV3 for one of its Sure Heboh promotions. Nikki has been working so hard for her performance and don't forget to catch her live over TV3 at 9 pm tonight. Good luck and all the best to Nikki and her team!


Vernon Kedit said...

Thank you for supporting Nikki! Keep on supporting EAST MALAYSIANS artistes!

(I'm an Iban from Sarawak, a fellow East malaysian too.)

dBOS-fm said...

That's what this blog all about..to continue support great talents...such as Nikki