13 Dec 2006

She won gold...

....as expected!

It's hard to resist from watching the still on-going Doha 2006 over Astro Supersports, in fact I tuned in to Channels 83 - 86 most of the time (almost ignoring other channels). And talking about the games, it's worth highlighting the victory of this Sabahan girl who just won gold in one of the sailing events (I guess she surfs the waves as easy as most of us surf the internet..*grin*)

I also trailed some other medal contenders from this land, well..we have two archeres, two boxers (Eddy Kalai and Paulus Paunandes), triathlete (Mohd Heidilee...this KB guy almost fell to the ground upon completing the gory event- he finished 22nd among 28 athletes), a footballer (Ronny Harun..guess everybody knows him huh!..what!..not worth mentioned..hehe..just kidding), two swimmers (including Keng Liat of course...unfortunately he has no luck this time around) and a golfer (Ben Leong). Overall I can say they managed to give a very strong fight! Syabas to all of them and a big congratulations to the young lady Rufina!


Anonymous said...

Rufina tu Sabahan pula!
congrats to her..Go Sabah Go Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Ya...Sabahan...selalu ikut parents dia p belayar d Kinabalu Yacth Club Tg.Aru...baru 15 tahun pula tu..