16 Dec 2008

Bermulanya satu 'Episod'

Having trouble finding a local rapper who sounds exactly like an American? Don't trouble yourself too much, just get a native American and done! as simple as that. Hang on...not the Red Indian one lah...I mean someone who is in the same breed as 50 cent, P.Diddy, Jay Z...you know wa' em sayin'. That's exactly a local group, who called themselves Episod, did and the verdict? Just take a look at this video of their single Di Manakah Sinar Cinta.

Cool isn't it? Hah! did I hear someone said "tidak aci"...hehe just kidding.

I had gone through all the tracks in their debut album entitled "Episod Cinta" and one word to describe it, Hebat!

Kesemua trek pun bagi saya amat menarik, cuma terpulang kepada genre muzik yang anda gemari. Kalau anda berjiwa sentimental, lagu Harijadi Mu sudah pasti memikat jiwa. Lagu ini mempunyai melodi, lirik atau tema yang menarik, imagine you go to your girlfriend's birthday party and you saw her romantically with other man...ndak ko menangis? Larry Q has an amazing voice although at one point it reminds me just a little bit of another Sabahan singer, Ricardo (oh ok! I hear objections).

Lagu Bergaya mempunya attitude tersendiri, take a listen...(sikit aja tau)

Best kan! sesuai sekali kalau dipinjam untuk iklan Levi's

The lady in the group named Suri is awesome, here's just a sample of her line

I think she can belt out the song Mengapa with ease.

There are quite a number of strong tracks here. Needless to say Episod can move on without the help of Shawnskins. Is he permanent or just a guest rapper? What about promotional tour? You know wa'em sayin'...I mean....err....never mind.

And my 5 sen worth finding

Lagu: B+
Vokal: A-
Muzik: B-
Adunan : C+
Sampul : B


Japrin said...

wah.. alomost spesifik posting than mine kan boss? great review boss.. :)

dBOS-fm said...

Ko punya lagi best banyak gambar :)