2 Dec 2008

The DOs and DON'ts on stage

Ironically the tips don't come from a professional singers but from a minister...:)

'Don't invite VVIPs on stage or dedicate songs'

Kota Kinabalu: State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun advised local entertainers to avoid inviting VVIPs such as the Head of State to sing or dance on stage.

"It is also wrong to dedicate the song to the VIPs or VVIPs during such events," he said.

As performers, they must do their homework by surveying the audience to determine if there are VIPs among the crowd, he said at the closing of the Dance, Music and Vocal Workshop at Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa.

He also urged operators of four or five-star resorts and hotels in Sabah to strive to employ only local performers in their lounges. This is to ensure local talents are given the opportunity to showcase their musical talents.

Very few locals are employed as lounge performers in four or five-star resorts and hotels in the State because most of them were denied the opportunity, he said.

Nevertheless, he urged local musicians and singers to improve their performance. "Never take shortcuts in your performance particularly your dressing and choreography, among others,".

He said they must be observant and never take their performance lightly, especially in front of an audience. "Make it a culture and practice to always give the best because what they (spectators and tourists) see is what they perceive of Sabah."

He said people pay top money to see them belting out tunes and songs and thus the performers must provide the best show.

Towards this end Masidi did not mince his words on the quality of vocals among local performers. The most glaring weakness was that the singers loved to imitate the original vocalists.

He said they ought to interpret the original song using their own vocals and strive to enhance their repertoire as well. The performance should be about the person's singing talent, performance quality and also creative talent.

As performers must be proud of their own voice because imitating other vocals "kills the art in their voice". "I noticed that not many are striving hard to articulate their repertoireÉso, please if you want to become professional, improve on your performance."

Singers must also pronounce correctly the words and exercise regularly so that they have stamina on stage and are able to hit the high notes with ease.

On dance performances, he said the difference between local dancers and dancers from Bali are that the latter were serious in their craft.

Performing Bali dancers were employed in many sectors such as farming, teaching and transportation, among others, during the day but when the sun goes down, they don their traditional costumes to perform in front of audiences.

"These dancers perform with passion and exude enthusiasm because of their deep and keen interest in the traditional dance that leave a lasting impression on the spectators."

He said this was why many tourists return to Bali, he said, adding that Sabah is also blessed with a wealth of traditional dances from the various ethnic groups. The 10-day workshop was organised jointly by Sabah Cultural Board and National Culture and Heritage Academy (Aswara).

Also present were Chairman of Sabah Cultural Board, Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau, Aswara Rector, Dato' Omar Awang and Permanent Secretary Datuk Suzannah Liaw.

Source : Daily Express

Hmm...siapa juga yang berani mati pigi jemput Head of State menyanyi atas pentas? Pernah kah?..hehe. Anyway, next time you have a singing contest ala AF you can invite this minister to be the critic


defoo said...

Waa!! Very well said. Mmg byk betulnya apa yg Datuk Masidi ckp tu.

dBOS-fm said...

Hebat kan? Something should come from a professional/veteran singer tapi menteri pula yg advise..hehe (neeway the speech probably prepared by someone from either ASWARA or Sabah Cultural Board punya officer..:))