15 Dec 2008

Monday rambling

Hello everybody! How's everyone doing towards the end of the year? Reviewing your resolutions and figuring out a new one for next year? Hehe.

The three-day International Power Boat Race in KK Waterfront just concluded yesterday. KK folks were treated with a row of concerts over three nights. The first one, on Friday featured Ayu, Saturday – Marsha and O.N.E and last night – Fiq and Faizal Tahir but I only joined the crowds on Saturday night. Of course local artistes are featured too, mostly new faces (at least that’s what I saw on Saturday). There was this lady singer, with tudung, sounded 90% like Siti Nurhaliza singing Ku Pendam Sebuah Duka with a piece of paper in her hand. She’s reading the lyrics! The funny thing is the audience roared bagai nak rak when she appeared on stage (with her ala-a-princess busana muslim) but non of the crowds clapped after seeing her read the lyrics (no matter how good she sounds). Best kan audience KK, instead of ‘booing’ they just keep quiet…very the polite one I tell you! Hehe.

Anyway I'd like to say sorry to AG for being eliminated from MyStarz last night. As if I can feel, it must be a wonderful feeling and experience he had gone through in the competition. You get the chance to showcase your talent on tv watched by million viewers. Besides meeting famous personalities you also gain valuable lessons from them. Everything is sponsored, the grooming, the food, etc. Your daily routine is nothing but works to realise your dream to becoming a star. These are probably the reasons aspirants, like AG, don’t want to be dragged to the exit door. But elimination is the name of the game, it’s inevitable. But the way I see it (in most reality shows) early exit or not, doesn’t guarantee you achieve your ultimate dreams. As the saying goes, rezeki ada di mana-mana, mungkin bukan di MyStarz.. Do you guys know Amelia AF3 and Amirul AF4 are auditioning for OIAM3? (of course plus few other famous names). So looks like AF is not the ultimate ground to realise your dream as most people believe. As for AG, I would really love to see him and Da' Prince in Gangstarz next season. Keep on trying folks! Ermm…do I have to mention I did vote for him…oops!

Like it or not, I change my blog template. I thought of not changing it (pemalas bah) but the new features are so tempting. The problem is I can only enjoy those features if I upgrade my template, and to upgrade means to change it from classic to new version. I really love the blog list feature. This is actually what tempted me to change the look. Now I can easily monitor your blogs right here, just like a security guard in a control room looking at the multi screen security monitor. Tiwas ja siapa yang malas update blog, tergelincir blog kamu saaana bawah. I thought of naming the list as “Index Saham” instead of Blog Chart tapi nanti orang fikir ini financial blog pula. But one thing I notice, the update is only applicable for blogs with blogspot platform (correct me if I’m wrong). So those yang guna blogdrive, blogsome, wordpress, even dot com macam ndak buli (sorry folks). And another thing I notice, the update is not instant. Not so sure though how often it is updated (I have yet to explore extensively). So do not panic, after you update yours…you come here and find that it’s still at the bottom.

Adey…punyalah mencarut, to end my carutan I feature this video yang si Defoo featured di blog dia, tus sa pun nda mo ketinggalan bah kunun cos I think this video has a very strong special element (not to mention the two leading kid actors...hehe). Being on YouTube for 7 months it should have been watched 50,000 times malangnya baru 6,000 yang tinguk….

Credit Marcellus


defoo said...

Hahaha!! Ngam la tu ko pun taru ni blog sini. Mmg patut kena kasi lebih exposure ni video n budak 2 org ni kan ^_^

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