19 Feb 2008

Fairly worth the wait

I just had the opportunity to 'examine' Danny F. Malingi's debut album. Firstly, who can avoid noticing the cover. Tastefully and gracefully designed (I even like the font). Check punya check si Davelynne bah yang design! The photo/graphic (especially the one at the back cover) looks very well defined as if given a slight touch of graphic animation (bersinar-sinar mata artis). Not to sure if it comes with a specific theme, but to me it looks 'mystique'...:). Kudos to Sumandak!.

And on to the songs. As expected, ballad rules. If you like "Guminawo Oku Dika" I guarantee you like most of the materials here. Unfortunately the song itself is not included in this album (wonder why...copyright issue?). Danny writes 99% of the songs (the other 1% goes to Peter Peninting). The songs are very pleasing and most of them, I can say, are radio-friendly especially the mushy ballads. To me they're equally good. Whatever the DJ picks will become a hit (sort of no killer song here). Danny's voice undoubtedly is one of the best. Soulful and expressive. He's one of those new breed KDM male singers who sing local ballad in R & B mode.

As usual, I always kind of having a high expectation on our local productions. Unfortunately having gone through the whole of this album, I've to say it's slightly below what I'd expected particularly on the music department. But just blame my damn crazy high expectation (maklumlah kan citarasa antarabangsa sangat!..:)), otherwise it's a brilliant efforts by local standard...:)

I'm spoil for choice on which song to promote here and finally picked the first track entitled Minogivang Koh Pomuandamanku or MKP in short. Check it out on KDM playlist!


Danny F. Malinggi said...

Thank you for the positive comment dBos-fm! I really apreciate it. Thank you again for ur support. Base on your comment, definitely i will try as much as i can to improve my next album!

dBOSfm said...

You're welcomed Danny.

It's a brilliant efforts from you (Not much room for negative remarks). Looking forwards for more albums from you in the future...:)

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