1 Feb 2008

Mas interview in AC Di Sini

A special edit of AC interview session with Mas in the program AC Di Sini. Kelakar jugalah interview dengan si Mas ni. Tersasul cakap Englishpun dia feel guilty..

Nope you can't make your chin looks slim and sharp from different angle just by some touch-ups (make-up shading techniques)...right ladies?

The Sabah Development Corridor (SDC)

For those of you who watched the live telecast of the launching of the SDC by the Prime Minister recently (29th Jan over TV1) must have very clear picture on what SDC is all about. For those who didn't, it's actually a grand ceremony to unveil the future development in Sabah which comes under a package called SDC. It promises the state with lots and lots of development and it's not a bad idea to pray that Sabah won't sink underwater due to the heavy load of development under SDC...:). Some of the proposed projects are just too impressive including a high tech railway system connecting KK - Keningau served by a fast train (matilah laju kunun, belum siap buat tinggaton sudah sampai Keningau).

Also in the pipeline is the KK City Waterfront or KKCW (actually this was mentioned long before SDC comes into picture and am puzzled why it's suddenly 'amplified' as part of the SDC). The waterfront development strongly guarantee no sea reclamation involved. But by looking at the photo below of the ambitious Suria Capital Development Park (part of the KKCW) looks like the sea won't be spared! Hmm...

To the oppositions, SDC is nothing more than an expensive re-packaging excercise and a BN election's gimmick...:=D. In other words it is a big chunk of 'bait' to catch more fishes (voters) *LOL*.