16 Feb 2008

Singing in cockney accent

I didn't expect at all that singing with British accent will someday become a global trend until I watch this American Idol hopeful Josiah Leming (his MySpace) belting out his songs the way most current British pop bands do. (For the record he's an American). Whether he did it just to impress Simon (whom I believe has been very, very much impressed) by applying that style this guy stands out from the rest.

Singing Grace Kelly...impressive!

Surprisingly he didn't get through to the top 24! Arrgh! I'm Shocked and Surprised (with capital 'S')! Probably his act of shooing the band members away, to sing alone, was very unsightful to Paula and Randy (is that a British act?..:D). Not to mention he 'british-ised' (if I may use that word...:)) "Stand By Me" as well. The great thing is this guy has made a strong impact and earned himself with lots of fans!(including me...I think..:P). Efforts are being held to vote him back to American Idol (ala Mawi)

I was kind of guessing who will be the first Malaysian band to sing with British accent and not long after I made such guess, there was this new group I heard over X-Fresh FM yesterday (err...unable to capture their name) singing a song entitled "Silly Lily" pronouncing 'time' as 'TOIM'...:D. So accept it guys, it's gonna be a trend. The British invasion is here! (anyway...what's the fuss they've been invading us since time immemorial!)...:D