22 Feb 2008

American Idol 7

Early exit

I just checked out AI results and here are the unlucky contestants who have been voted out

Joanne Borgella (left) and Amy Davis (right)

Garret Haley (right) and Colton Berry (left)

After watching the 12 boys singing their hearts out in American Idol 7 first show, my first impression was “Wow are they really amateurs?”. I’m not sure if this is the best talents yet but from the first showcase it appears to be a fierce competition amongst the boys. Interestingly not only they are blessed with great vocals and singing style, all of them come with equally good looks as well..:) (Chikezie included). Unlike past seasons when I can easily detect the weakest performer, I guess it’s hard to make my pick this time around (at least from the first show). They sing from the heart with full of passions. I’ve to watch the show more than twice before settling for these two guys as my early favourites

David Archuleta(left) and David Cook (right)

I just like the way they skilfully and creatively twist their songs into something new, fresh and most of all beyond imagination. Coincidently their first names are both David. A random check on the internet shows that David Archuleta has won the hearts of many. No doubt this guy is so adorably talented, but then it's too early to tell.

And don’t underestimate this guy…:).
Danny Noriega

For his ‘colourful attitude’...:) he looks different from the rest. Not quite a favourite but who would have thought someday a male contestant naturally shakes his head ala Beyonce while firing back at Simon!...*LOL*.. I bet he must get many votes from the ‘community’ concerned…:=). So AI has somebody like him, I wonder if our local AF will follow suit (kan ramai ‘mat lembut’ attended AF auditions…kan! ...:=D)

As for the girls, most of them are so shaky and it's not difficult to draw the line between those who perform good and those who don't. My favourites are Carly Smithson (after all she's an ex-recording artiste), Syesha, Ramiele, Asia'h and Amanda...:)