18 Feb 2008

Farewell to Mark

It's kind of tricky to predict how long Mark will stay in OIAM 2. The question is finally answered in the last episode when he was pronounced as the contestant who was voted out.

Mmm...looks like he did his swan song better than his other performances. Probably he was not under pressure. All the best to him. With the look and talent, I guess it's not hard for him to get 'rezeki'.

Bring back the champ!

I thought Dayang Norani has one of the distinctive voice in the country (very much like Candy's voice). So bad after winning Sinaran in 1998, she didn't even have her own full album.

I think what she was trying to say is.."saya masih sexy bah!"..:D (the dress is very der low cut..:P and what's with those wings at her back?)