28 Feb 2008

Women domination

So AF 6 had revealed its nine academic team members that comprised of seven ladies and two males. Apart of the ladies' domination, I guess two other interesting features are the debut appearance of Anita Sarawak as the 'showmanship' guru and the additional number of personnel as the vocal coaches! While I'm loudly applauding Anita's involvement, the additional number of vocal trainers is questionable and sounds hilarious! Let just wait and see if it works. From my observation, watching AF2 to 5, the vocal class doesn’t bring any good or changes to the students’ vocal ability, instead most of them ended up having damaged voice (don’t you think it’s funny!)

1. Siti Hajar - Vocal technique (if you notice this lady had also damaged her own voice) *LOL*

2. Anita Sarawak - Penasihat Penghibur (err...Entertainer Consultant?), stage Performance Trainer (Cikgu Showmanship?..wow! ada juga) She even expects somebody will do the high kick, once her trademark but obviously she has retired doing so now (silap sikit terpelanting-pelanting pelajar yang lembab dia bagi high kick)

3. Ramli M.S.

4. Linda Jasmine - The long standing Choreographer

5. Syafizawati Sharif - Another vocal coach. The report said that after going through Siti Hajar's class the students will be further polished by her...hmmm!

6. Jasmie Rejab - The image/fashion consultant (except for Candy's oversize dress while singing Siti's song, this guy had done a very good job last season)

7. Genervie Kam - An addition to the two vocal trainers. Not so sure on her actual task but it sounds like a Vocal Arranger (which Cikgu Adnan supposed to teach the students but he didn't)

8. Fatimah Abu Bakar - Motivation and English

9. Fauziah Nawi - Performing Art (lakonan, drama, penghayatan). This lady is so serious. you wouldn't find her ketawa terbahak-bahak

So what do you think!

...and sebagai hiburan sampingan...presenting American Idol hopeful David Archuleta singing Imagine. How I wish AF 6 will discover a superb young talent like him...:)

Nice vocal arrangement (fire!..fire!..:D)