27 May 2008

Gangstarz 2

Gangstarz 2 is in its fourth episode last week. Two groups had been kicked out, PZG from Thailand (I've never heard a group singing so bad as this one) and the all-female group from Singapore who called themselves Faith. I think the talents these season are not as good as last season. The setting/stage looks like the cheap version of American Idol Top 24's stage. And what's with those crowds wearing Hotlink t-shirts in front of the stage (are they Hotlink promoters?).

Some clips from the fourth episode

One Nation Emcees, a Malaysian group from Sabah.

Mmm...not bad.

And my favourite, the Paragon Child from the Philippines with their version of Queen's Bohimian Rhapsody

Ain't they look like Sabahans..hehe. Unfortunately the judges don't like their song choice hence gave them low rating. Ajai (dengan style ala gangster dia) selamba said their performance is no good and the audience booed him (he deserves to be booed). Three stars from Ajai, three stars from the fat judge and two stars from Syafinas (who never sing and dance...probably she was too jealous!).