21 May 2008

Battle of the Davids

LOL…was that American Idol finale or boxing championship! Kalau boxing sah, sah David kicik kena knockout..:). The boxing metaphor is absolutely funny. Wow…this time they have it at the 7,000 capacity Nokia Theatre (new theatre kah ni?) instead of the usual Kodak Theatre.

One of the interesting facts in AI this season is there are three contestants sharing one name - David. And out of the three, two of them are fighting for the title in the grand finale.

So which David will win the title?

Based on the final show, D.A wins the heart of the judges; at one glance the judges had crowned him as the champion. My personal choice? Hmm...honestly i'm spoiled for choice, in fact I can say all of the top twelve this season are equally talented. Jason Castro for instance is interesting to watch. Despite lacking the acrobatic in his voice I always have fun watching his performance. Who can forget his rendition of Halleluiah and Somewhere over the Rainbow armed only with a ukulele. But coming down to these two finalists, I'm kinda go for D.A Walaupun vocal tone dia ni mengingatkan saya pada beberapa penyanyi barat yang sedia ada tapi cara nyanyian beliau ada sedikit kelainan the moment he trills, bend or twist his voice. It's like listening to Josh Groban or Russel Hitchcock (Air Supply) singing ala Mariah Carey...hehe! In addition, this boy also sings with full of emotion...straight from the heart. His rendition of Imagine is so touching. He has an interesting character as well…innately humble.

D.C pula? No doubt this fellow has big vocal range and energetic voice. He knows how to make full use of the resonance system when it comes to high and big notes. He fully opens his mouth and shapes up his nose for the sake of precise vocal delivery (nasib baik hidung dan gigi dia cantik…kekekek). The only setback I think, saya, tidak nampak perbezaan ketara antara beliau dengan penyanyi-penyanyi rock sedia ada contohnya Chris Daughtery (Fifth Season top 4) and many more. Kadang-kadang sakit juga mata tengok senyuman sinis dia ni..:)

I really like to see D.A to win but won’t be surprised if D.C takes the title (most online polls are in favour of him).

Whoever wins..yang penting David Arumugam juga tetap di hati…:D


scias said...

huhuhu...i totally agree with you about jason castro. I loved him since halleluiah. I really wanted him at least to the top 3 but what to do, au nokotudu :D

so...who will win? not sure as both are outstanding..but i predict little David

dBOSfm said...

Mmm...nampak gaya big Dvaid won..

tpi nda nda taulah if they take into account vote per head (unique vote). Actually this season my favourites are Michael John, Carly, Syesha, Jason, David A n Ramiele. Michael, Carly n Ramile are foreigners (immogrant) so I don't dream they make it to the final. David cook is so talented but I just don't like the fact that he steals other ppl music arrangement n bila kena puji2 siap ngan senyuman sinis dia tu..erggH...anyhow America had made their decision...:(