11 May 2008

Nadia tercorot?

Yeah…back to the glitzy stage. The Mother’s Day announcement was very noble, but I wonder why the students are not given bonus songs with the theme “mother”. There are many songs about mother kan…macam lagu Spice Girl (momma…I Love you!), lagu Exist Untuk Mu Ibu and the list goes on. Aishah is still in her elements but I detected a couple of unstable tone. And the show continued with some emotional scene, the students delivered flowers to their respective mothers down stage while Stacy and Stanly standing dumbfounded on stage. I wonder if any of the student ambil kesempatan asking their mothers “Mak aku di kedudukan berapa tadi?” haha!

...and to the performances...

Sembunyi (Misha+Andy)/Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (Melly Goeslow feat Eric)
It looks to me macam Stacy, Stanly and Riz saja yang banyak nyanyi...the rest macam menyanyi satu dua line saja. Overall not a bad effort.

Toi - Kasih Berduka (M Osman)
Lagu Pop Yeh Yeh ni, lazimnya tidaklah susah sangat. The melody is not so complicated. One shouldn’t struggle hard to accomplish his task singing this song. And that’s exactly what happened to Toi. He cruised easily with this song. Maybe he struggled more with the choreography than the singing. Easy song, fun and cheeky choreography, less mistakes…a good choice to open the concert. B+

Nadia - Karma (Cokelat)
I thought I was the only one who noticed her ‘drunken’ gesture…hehe. Maybe it’s too conspicuous until Ogy herself used the word mabuk. Anyway as usual Nadia has no problem with pitching and she sang this song well in tune. Cuma lontaran vokal beliau saja yang terus menampilkan kelemahan. Dia ni macam orang yang memandu, terus-terus masuk gear empat dan lompat ke gear lima. She uses only these two gears. Mungkin ramai sudah yang tersedar akan ‘kekerasan’ dan ‘kegarauan’ suara beliau (but she delivered just the correct voice while practising with Cikgu Siti in Diari AF…hmm..don’t know what happen…nervous mungkin) C+

Stanly - Naluri Lelaki (Samsons)
In my humble opinion Stanly is getting better vocally. He’s beginning to be able to control his voice and sound less shaky (in fact I realised this when he sang ‘Footloose’). For this particular song, he sounds too loud and powerful. Is it good? Yes when it comes to clear pronunciations but at the same time he appears as over-sang it. It’s not a bad performance; he did act like a desperate guy approaching some girls down the stage (mmm…I didn’t quite get Ogy’s comments on him). B

Riz - Laskar Cinta (Dewa)
Was it just my ear? Is something wrong with the sound system? Is the band playing the wrong notes? These are just some questions I had when Riz hit the first note. I can’t believe it’s Riz I’m listening to. If this is his way to demonstrate how much he dislikes the song…it worked! Hehe. I’m not sure if its off-tune, off-key…the fact is some verses sound just awkward and not very pleasant to my ears. Although vocally he sort of lost connection with this song, he’s not totally lost it in the art direction. The outfit quite match and it’s not a bad effort either when it comes to his gestures and facial expression. C

Nubhan - Hanya Engkau Yang Mampu (Aizat)
Hmm…this guy still needs to work harder on applying the combination of the middle/low torso breathing (considered as the best possible technique for singing). It appears as Nubhan only applied the high torso breathing or known as “the breath of exhaustion” that involves only the shoulder and upper chest. This type of breathing is commonly seen on runners who had just run 1,500 meters race and definitely not conducive to effective vocalism. It leads to tension in necks and throat muscles and unsteady tone production. Back to his performance, he started off very well until the verse right after the chorus. It’s interesting to see how he tried very hard to grip this song with every effort he can. Sometimes you can see he just lost his grip…:). Well did he nail it? Almost! C+

Stacy-Gembira Hidup Ini (Farah AF2)

I thought I have a little problem with the lower part of her outfit (the top dressing was simply elegant though). But never mind, so long that she can move freely and comfortably. In fact those are just the right words to describe Stacy’s performance…comfortable and free. I like to see the part when she skips I guess that’s her trademark. She had it all, the voice, energy, showmanship, strong stage present and...err...her mother….hehe. Another superb performance! A+ (alamak bias sudah! Hehe..)

Bola-bola Api (Nana+Achik)/Tak Tahu Antara Dua (Farah + Adam)
Memang comel pun persembahan durang. Cuma part note yang pelajar perempuan macam tidak sampai tu spoil sikit.

Tiada penyingkiran

Arrghh...kalau tahu tiada penyingkiran nda payah undi berhabisan. Rupa-rupanya Nadia berada di kedudukan tercorot (terasa pula macam Astro cuba selamatkan Nadia). Did you notice she was very tense while the result was being announced? Memang terkejut juga bila tahu Nadia tercorot. I thought the girls are already in safe situation unfortunately that's not the case. Surprisingly Nubhan jumps from bottom to top of the list! The crying scene plus singing the most current hit song probably the main factors his fans voting bagai nak rak. Any possibility that Alif's fans diverted their attention to Nubhan or Aizat's fans lend their helping hand as well? Stacy pula jatuh tangga ketiga (alamak terkurang sudah!) So if you want to see her as the winner it's time to doubled or tripled your supports.