8 May 2008

Amazing Archuletta

Stand By Me + Sung by David A. = I'm almost fainted in excitement...(LOL)

....thanks for singing my all time favourite song (I love the back-up vocals part too..:)). David's rendition of Love Me Tender is equally superb as well. What more can you say...kalau Randy Jackson pun sudah tahap meracau-racau kesiukan...hehe

This guy is simply amazing. I really wish he wins AI. For the show last night it looked as if he and Syesha took it seriously. Although I want to see Mr. Cook in the final I wouldn't be surprised if Archuletta and Syesha are the finalists. The contestants probably spoiled for choice since there were too many great songs to choose from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame collections. Hmmm...I wonder why Jason Castro didn't pick songs from the group Smokey or Bee Gees.