1 Jul 2008

Prince of North Borneo..:)

Daulat Tuanku!

Teringat pula, ada seorang kawan ni yang sumbing (cleft lip). Bila dia sebut "Ampun Tuan Ku" lain pula bunyi... "Hampud Tuan Ku, beribu-ribu Hampud"..opps!. Nanti saya suruh dia pergi mengadap sultan kita ni...hehe

Ghostly airport.

This is the Alor Star airport. It was so silent, nothing like any other airports of its standard. We arrived there at around 6:40 am, to catch the 8:35 am flight to LCCT (last Sunday) and keep asking "huh! mana orang ni?"

Hello! Is there anyone in here?

*And after I posed a complaint to Streamyx yesterday, the service is back to normal this morning...:)