11 Jul 2008

Wilson - Album laris

Bah cepat kamurang pergi beli, selagi stok masih ada..:)

Kisah kepala manusia berwajah haiwan

Hysteria grips students at apartment

Kota Kinabalu: Several Filipino students turned hysterical Tuesday night, claiming to have seen a bodyless apparition at an apartment in Sembulan. The students, all from Mindanao, started screaming and shouting that they had seen a "human head with an animal face", housemates said. The first was a girl who returned home after 6pm.

"She started screaming uncontrollably, saying she had seen a floating head," said one of the friends, who are students of a college here.

Friends eventually managed to calm her down after minutes of trying. However, at about 10pm, four more students including a man, suffered the attacks again, also screaming to have seen a similar thing.

About five to six people had to hold each one of them down, as they were shaking and screaming uncontrollably and were calmed down at about 1am. The attacks did not stop there, with three more students going hysterical between 10am and noon on Wednesday. An imam was called to conduct prayers.

Several residents who had stayed at the apartments which is located near a cemetery, claimed that a similar occurrence took place in the past at another block but that it lasted only for a while.

Fellow students offering prayers to those affected

Yai! Seramnya! Ni mesti di Grace Ville apartment Sembulan ni kan? Mungkin blok yang paling dekat dengan tu kuburan. Tapi apa kurangnya pondok security guard tu, kebih kurang 20 - 30 meter saja dari kuburan. (Ni hantu pun satu saya suruh pi kacau tu pelarian pilipin yang masuk secara haram dia pi kacau pula student)


Amy C said...

hi. dari mana ko dgr ni news ni?...

dBOSfm said...

News mana satu? pasal album wilson kah atau yg hantu. Kalau yg hantu dari Daily Xpress (check out www.dailyexpress.com.my)