14 Jul 2008

Linda - Penuhi impian...

...merakam album Kadazandusun

And here are videos on some recent happenings in town

The soft-opening of 1Borneo

The soft opening of IBorneo on the 8th June 2008. A celebrity who looks like Linda (dia lah bah tu kan), appears on stage at minute 2:34. In the meantime Infinatez's Sayang Kinabalu was played as background song at minute 7:32 on the video.

The Air Supply concert

An audience secretly made an attempt to record the Air Supply singing Goodbye during their concert in Kota Kinabalu recently (nice try dude!..:)). Anyway he/she managed to record, in normal angle, the second last song of their performance(when the security personnel were too tired to enforce the no recording rule...hehe). Click here for some related videos