24 Jul 2008

SMS - Dua produk terbaru

Trouble at KKIA

Have you been to KKIA lately? As most of us aware, it is currently under heavy constructions for the new terminal. I purposely stay away from the area because it's so messy. Lagipun aku nikan set-set yang landing di Terminal 2 (oops!). Akisahnya, sayapun diarah attend emergency meeting in Labuan this morning (Air Asia doesn't fly to Labuan). Sudahlah kelam kabut beli tiket yesterday (arahan datang mengejut yesterday) lagilah kelam kabut this morning. Flight schedule is 7.20 a.m which means I've to check in by 6:35 am (boarding time is 6:50 am). Since I'm on a return trip (back to KK at 12 noon), I decided to drive and just leave my car at the airport. I left home at 6:10 and reached the airport just before 6:30 am (ahh perfect...talking about time management...kunun). Sekali cuba cari tempat parking, punyalah nightmare. The layout was totally different than before (I didn't expect this). Aikk! mana sudah tu booth tempat ambil parking ticket?...*LOL* cari punya cari (ikut arahan anak panah) terkeluar ke jalan besar....oops!. Sudahlah main highway time tu rush hour (those cars from Putatan won't give way to you)...main berani mati ja lah. Second attempt to find the booth also failed...terkeluar lagi ke highway for the second time. Checking on the time, it's 6:48 am...alamak! (panick button). Last-last parking ja mana-mana tempat boleh parking. Orang lain parking menghala ke utara aku parking menghala ke selatan (lantaklah! kena saman...kena samanlah). 6.55 am...terus pecut ke check in counter (lupa pula rekod timing...silap-silap pecah rekod dunia 100 m..hehe). Luckily when I returned this afternoon, no saman....and most importantly FOC...hehe! The moral of the story...next time arrive as early as possible or get a driver!

...talking about being busy lately (kunun), these are CDs I bought since two weeks ago but still have no time to listen. Mau review-review bah kunun tapi tiada masa.

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