27 Oct 2008

Backdoor vs frontdoor

When was the last time you came across a news about PTI being nabbed while trying to sneak into Sabah? I believe the activity of illegal entries takes place regularly, unfortunately we seldom hear news about their failed attempt such as the one reported below. To me this is the kind of news I'd like to see more, instead of the news on the mass operation to flush out those who have successfuly entered our land. The authority, having known the PTI's modus operandi, should know what to do to guard the backdoor...like stationing more personnel...askar kah, peluru berpandu kah...after all we're talking about ancaman kepada negara.

And talking about extra personnel, tup...tup...airport (frontdoor) pula diutamakan when the General Operation Force (GOF) started taking care of the airport secuity beginning 15 October. They took over the task from MAB's auxiliary police (so what happened to these police? Out of job?). This leads me to question, "terancam sangatkah airport kita ni?". Since independence we almost never heard of any ancaman at our airports (is there?). The former security force must have done a very good job. Ini kes bersiap sedia sebelum sebarang ancaman melanda kunun ni...tidak salah bah juga kalau takut dengan bayang-bayang :)

Janggal pula tengok durang ni with senapang bertugas di airport...
macam out of place...hehe