15 Oct 2008

PERTISA - Pencalonan Anugerah Muzik

Tension ja kan nampak durang ni. Sampai si Ampal pun hilang seri muka pelawak dia...hehe.

And talking about local music award, a reader gave his comment on the recent Dayak Music Award (DAMA).

Tabi basa…

Jaku ari aku,MALU!

Aku nemu maioh setuju malam nya,semadi meh sida keh meda DAMA nya ari sukut glam aja enggau semadi enggai keh nadai. Enti kitai amat sayau serta ka meda industri music Dayak mansang,kitai malu serta disappointed. Utai keh ka disebut aku tu enda manis,i’m not a sweet talker,laban aku ka meda music dayak mansang,as the main purpose of the existence of DAMA.(you may delete this post if you don’t want the next generations of Dayak to know what they suppose to know,which i think is very sad).

Menteri datai ari semenanjung ngagai event tu,bejanji deka meri channel TV ngagai music dayak.Tang,nama utai ka dibantai keh kitai,enti ‘The Most Successful Dayak Singer’(Woman) is Jenny Tan? Sapa enda kala meda tauka ninga music Jenny Tan tau browse ba YouTube enti kita enggai ‘donate’ duit kita ngagai producer cum ’singer’ with a Tan surname.(you may call me racist,but I call it patriotism).
Kati kitai ulih measure success ngena bank statement(requirement by DAMA)? Of coz Jenny Tan aja the one and only nominee for that category and of coz her bank account is fat since Maxwell Franklin Saran and Timothy are under her label and their albums are among the biggest sale in the industry. Lalu seduai mina nerima sekali bayar aja ari siti album.(Assapai ari Maxwell nerima RM 700 aja.Unbelievable?Believe it, thats the truth.)

DAMA patut meda baru baka ni ka measure success.

Kategori composer pemadu manah,Ricky El!Sapa enda nemu ia ciplak semua lagu dalam album,and you call him a composer?

Lagu pemadu manah,Endena?Long expired song enggau kualiti bakanya ngalah keh 1001 ari Ernesto Kalum enggau Flora ari Jerry Kamit keh udah maioh mai angin baru ngagai industri music Dayak. Another great joke!

Kategori Orang Ulu maioh diempu Urai laban ia the one and only nominee for the most of the categories. So she can be the best,(or the worst!). Patut drop aja categories keh mina siku aja nominee baka nya,beri aja recognition for her contribution for the music scene and her effort to summit her entries,and keep the awards for the coming years. Frankly speaking, Orang Ulu scene bedau cukup besai/bersedia for a competition amongs themself.

(for those who were there,if you observe enough,you can see the weird look on the VIP’s face everytime these ‘one and only nominee’ categories result are announce.)

And names like Johnny Aman and Jerry Kamit went home empty handed!

Nama kebuah nadai award for the best video clip?

Duit sponsor ari sektor koporat nyau RM250K, and that the best stage you can do?
And with that money, why don’t DCCI hire an event management company to do the show,instead of the committees themself which are the organising team.Yes,you can DIY but not for the first year which you have to make a very good impression for the first time (and get more sponsors and coverage next year).

And of course, the JUDGES are very questionable their credibility(and don’t forget the conflict of interest may play some part there). Judges shouldn’t be from amongs the committees and absolutely not Elvis Impersonators! Where is Patrick Khamis, Kia, Deja Moss, Camelia, Dayang and our other qualified names?

DAMA have official newspaper,Borneo Post,so maybe next year you can do readers voting for the shorlist/finalist for the judges.

And separate/independent body which is qualified to do the filtering for the originality of song/music.Statutory declaration as required by DAMA is not enough since anyone can go to a law firm and get one for a cost of RM5 each.

A lot have to be done next year(right way,right people).

All the best for DAMA 09.

Kelimbak Darah

Err...I have to admit that I know only few words in Iban... aging idup aging ngalaban, ngirup, makai...mm..what else. I have three Iban housemates last times (whatever happened to them now? lost contact already). But upon reading the comments above, as if I understand the whole message. Generally the results are mostly questionable. The most successful woman singer goes to an influential rich lady with a surname 'Tan'. The best composer goes to a winner whose songs are mostly 'ciplak', Best Song goes to a song considered 'expired' and yang saya ketawa baca bila kategori Orang Ulu cuma ada satu saja pencalonan and the very sole nominee won!? hehe. The writer also questions the selection of judges, he said famous Sarawakian artistes, like Deja Moss, Patrick Khamis, Camelia, Dayang should be included (and don't forget pengurus Ning/Nikki Mr. Vernon).