24 Oct 2008

Sabahan shines at Asean song fest

HO CHI MINH CITY, (Vietnam): Tuaran-born Reynaldo Raymond Pagie@ Rey, 22, made Sabah proud when he won the gold in the folk song category of the Asean Golden Melodies Festival 2008, on Sunday.

Rey, 22, received US$1,500 (RM5,325), a trophy and a handphone at the Hao Binh Theatre, here.

His winning song was Temasya Desa Gernalai. He also took part in the contemporary pop category and belted the number, One Thousand Million Smiles.

The Festival which started on Oct. 14 saw participants from Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand taking part.

Another Malaysian representative Nur Nadia Fadilla Abu Bakar, 24, also won a gold in the contemporary pop category with the number Am I Telling You (I'm Not Going) and received the same prize as Rey.

Nur Nadia also took a silver in the folk song category (Joget Kenangan Manis) and earned an extra US$1,000, trophy and a handphone. Pic shows Reynaldo and Nur with their awards.

Congratulations to both of them especially Ray (Sabah lagi!). But according to another report the judge from Malaysia Dato' Mokhzani (Pengarah RTM) was very vocal. He corrected most of the organizer's judging rules which he thinks are not proper or not fair (Ketakutan mengkali penganjur Vietnam ni ada orang tunjuk taring...hehe). I believe they won based on their merit and not because penganjur tertekan, ada individu tunjuk taring :).

Perihal website lucah dalam program 360 TV3

Silaka ikan masin bah tu kawan sms kasi main-main tadi "ko punya blog pun masuk TV3 pasal cerita website lucah" dia bilang. Panick juga sikit terus berabis masuk website TV3 program 360. Choi! Itu pula. I mean what's new? This is an old issue. When I first acquainted with internet back in 1996 I almost got fainted upon seeing nothing but porno sites. Buka saja e-mail, terus klik whatever mails in the Inbox *LOL*. Masa tu belum expert lagi mau tapis-tapis junk mails, scam etc, maklumlah masih kebaru-baruan and nobody warns me. You can say internet equals porno and vice versa! Sampai majalah macam FHS or Playboy (versi Asia) or Cosmopolitan jadi macam tahap buku masakan atau Reader's Digest sudah sekarang ni (read; very innocent). Well setiap teknologi ciptaan baru ni memang ada buruk dan baik (car is not exempted). But it's all up to us to draw the line between good and bad. The choice is yours. You decide whether to use it for a good course or not.

Hopefully these innocent kids will be spared from such websites :)