17 Nov 2008

OIAM 3 in KK

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I stopped by Imperial last Saturday morning (buat macam rumah sendiri ja bah hehe).That 16 years old girl on the report above, was so tiny. Wearing a high-cut boot, I thought she was around 10 - 12 and suppose to be the little sister of the other girls :). Tapi power mengkali suara dia ni kan. Esther first time pula, thought I saw her at AF6 audition last time or maybe silap orang :). Only around 200 hopefuls came to register but they write down the number starting from 1000. So you'll see numbers 1001, 1200 etc. Some notable faces like Shira, Terry Peter and Awang (MyStarz 1) were also there to give it a try.

18 years old aspirant from KB...stylo habis suara dia ni menyanyi lagu
Anuar Zain..Mungkin Kah. Bergema satu hotel. Hopefully he gets through.