12 Oct 2006

Raya song co-produced by Defoo (Alvin)

I just uploaded a Raya song which was co-produced by a our fellow Sabahan friend Defoo aka Alvin. Here's the detail..

Title: Our Raya Song (Lagu Raya)
Artists: Caprice, C'est La Vie (CLV)
Produced by: Rafik, E1D
Music Arranger: Rafik, E1D, Defoo <------music arranger lagi tu!
Lyrics: One G, Hairil

C’est La Vie also known as CLV consists of Munir, Hairil, One G, and Syai. CLV has been around since 1997, and has been performing off and on ever since. However, after a brief hiatus, the new line-up is making their way into the music industry with a fresh new style of R&B sound. “Our Raya Song” (Lagu Raya) is a joint collaboration between Caprice and C’est La Vie among other upcoming talents such as Nia and Shah. Caprice has been around in the music industry for quite sometime, having collaborated with artists such as Dayang and coming 2nd place in this year’s U Rap Challenge. “Our Raya Song” is a tribute to all Malaysians and to those celebrating Raya.

Fuyyooo....rap...hip..hop habis!...check the song out on Raya Ria...