30 Mar 2009

Malaysian Super Soccer Star

Has anyone watched this show?:-).Tidak popular bah kan, padahal it's been on TV2 since 7 January. I watched it by accident when the 2-star hotel we stayed in only have TV1, TV2, TV3 and two Astro channels. The show was created by British entertainment giant, Galleon Entertainment plc, and the first and only reality TV show that allows Malaysian youths the chance to turn their dreams of playing in the English Premier League into reality (wow!).

It's more a less singing reality show but the focus is to find a Malaysian football star. From hundreds of hopefuls (age 13 - 16) they were filtered down to 64, 40, 20, 12 and finally 4. The episode last week showed the final four underwent a week training and test at Chelsea Football Academy in Cobham, London (untungnya)

One of the final four is Sabri bin Sahak (pic below), he often ends up his plegde for vote speech with 'aramaiti!'...so we assume he is from Sabah..hehe (cakapan dia pun memang slang Sabah)

Is Sabri gonna be the first Malaysian star to play with the EPL (with Chelsea Youth Team)? Find out this Wednesday (1 April) at 8 pm on TV2, when the show concludes.

The official website
From Chelsea News


SciaS said...

Betul kah ni dB?

I hope this is not an April fool from you hehehehe

dBOS-fm said...

Hehe...coincidently jatuh on 1 April :(. Mcm ramai mo elak event on 1 April ni. Si Badawi pun buat penyerahan kuasa on 2nd aptil..hehe

mArMaLaDe said...

oh i heard bout that, but i never watch..hehe..go go go!! Sabah Boleh Bah!

dBOS-fm said...

Tonight is the result show