21 Mar 2009

OIAM 3 - Top 8

It's Anith, another girl sent to the exit this week, leaving us with three girls and five guys (macam American Idol lah pula). It's the 'Opposite Attract' theme, interesting yet challenging, luckily they don't call it 'transgender'. I love OIAM3 production, the sound system and the setting are almost A.Idol standard. They must have learnt a lot from producing Malaysian Idol :)

On to the performances

Tomok (Gantung)– He’s a smart actor on stage. The facial expression, to me, is merely a mimic and not a genuine emotional expression from his heart. But I’m sure his lady fans out there are melting sympathetically looking at his sad-Casanova-look. Singing wise, a couple of low notes issue at the beginning but overall it’s a fairly good gig.

Amylea (I'm Yours)– The singing was good, smooth and not much of glitch. But the arrangement was not my cup of tea. The ad-libs “sschhobeedoo” were not there too. I was wondering why not just stick to the original arrangement. But later on I got the answer in Nine’s performance :)

Aweera (Tiada Lagi)– Again another good singing, it’s just that he lacks the emotional expression in his voice. And too bad this song has been covered by Amy and it didn’t give me much impact on the theme ‘opposite attract’ (I can’t help but to compare them both). This guy really sang in high key (I’m waving my white flag..hehe) and he did it effortlessly. If he really knows how to control his voice and singing in style, quality and excellent….I guess he can be the ‘Adam Lambert’ of OIAM3 (I'm talking about the vocal!)

Rizu (Mercy)– One of my current fave songs, the big voice was apparently loud and clear. Jay Jay must have been very shocked! (did he genuinely ask about the akil baligh thingy? *LOL*). But I’m just not sure this time, the soulful connection with the song was just not strong enough (I almost couldn’t feel it). He’s some kind of emphasising more on the vocal design. But still I like his efforts and performance.

Simon (When You're Gone)– Another person with low notes issue at the beginning. Overall it’s merely a transgender vocal from female to male. Simon needs to spice up his performance too.

Fify (Pria Terhebat)– So Syafinaz finally commented on Fify’s one-colour-vocal tone (similar to my opinion last week). It’s not a bad thing; it’s just that she needs to find a suitable song to fit her tone. I guess any song by Ramlah Ram, Zaiton Sameon, Shariffah Aini or maybe Ziana Zain suits her well (some Whitney Houston’s songs with less falsetto will also do)

Nine (Karma) – Was it just my ear or the song was arranged like ‘I’m Yours’? (siap ada ‘sshhoobeedoo’ lagi…hehe). I was so engrossed especially at the arrangement but at the same time annoyed by some flat notes. After he passed the guitar to the pretty lady, things were not as wonderful as before. But it’s very entertaining.

Esther – Won't Go Home Without You

Let’s hear what the Americon Idol judges had to say *grin*

Randy Jackson – Dude! That was HOT! HOT! HOT! The best performance tonight and your best so far…I love it!... Say what?!

Kara – You know what! I’m totally amazed and didn’t expect at all it’s gonna come out from someone who prefers R&B, soul or modern blues. I didn’t hear Maroon Five at all!, It gives such an impact to the theme ‘opposite attract’. You made it all yours, great stage presentation, great vocal control…I’m amazed…impressed…YOU GO GIRL!

Paula – You know, you had just made me filled with envy with all those jumping and running with high-heel (Simon intervene “say it out loud”) oh shut up Simon! You’re not even strutting! It took me years to master it..but you...you were just born with those heels. You’re well connected not only to me but to the audience as well. You’re likeable, authentic and having said that you’ll definitely…won’t go home without reaching the final..and..and..and...that one million ringgit!

Randy: Simon Cowell!

Simon Cowell – I thought (long pause) that was the best performance from you so far! ALTHOUGH at some points you had made the safety personnel in this room shaking their heads and on stand-by mode with your accident-prone performance (Paula intervene “they call it showmanship")…whatever that was…not to mention you had just made one lady confessed how jealous she was (Paula: “ok if that’s the real issue here I’ll take it back”). You also made the song originally yours, great vocal control; I didn’t hear you gasping for air…thanks to the short minutes given of course, what else to say…probably one of the unforgettable performances!


My choice

Esther, Amylea, Nine, Rizu, Aweera, Simon, Tomok, Fify


zrull said...

haha...sy setuju sangat dengan ranking tu..esther tetap no 1..ehehehe...

eh..betul2 ka judgers AI yg comments tu??hemmm.....hehehe

jeremytuah said...

pastikan Esther manang tahun ini....!!!

dBOS-fm said...

azirulgcarl - ya betul laitu durang yang komen! hahaha...

Jeremy - TATAP!