19 Mar 2009

American Idol - Top 11 and results

Eliminated !

“Take me home country road to the place I belong..” tu dia my favourite country song a.k.a tema konsert AI minggu ini. It's the 'Grand Ole Opry Week'..yeeha!

Michael – He gave justice to the genre of music, it's very country. Tapi entahlah macam kurang berkenan pula saya dengan peserta ini. I was more focussed at the harmonica player. Is he out this week? I want him to but since he sang a real country song it's just not fair if it happens.

Allison – Great job. I thought of saying “this is one contender to watch out for” silap-silap boleh jadi juara (remember Jordin Spark?) but on second thought, macam berlambak sudah di pasaran suara dan style dia ni.

Kris – Heartfelt, I was unable to detect the off pitch issue as Paula brought up. Sampai ada saturang sumandak ni di rumah tutup mata masa Kris menyanyi. Bila saya tanya “handsome macam tu pun ko tutup mata?”. Saya ndak sanggup tinguk bah nanti termimpi-mimpi dia masa tidur. *LOL*

Lil Round – Didn’t she say she wanna get rid off the R & B in herself, for the sake of giving honour and respect to country song? (Ala-ala menghormati lagu tradisi Amerika)? But the judges seemed unable to accept her reason. Yupp..I agree with Paula’s song choice though “Stand By Your Man”.

Adam – Ouch! not sure if it’s fair to the song but undeniably great vocal performance (a CD quality voice...makan hati betul dengar vocal performance dia ni). Are you as confused as Kara? *LOL*.

Scott – Just an OK performance. I thought of disagree with Paula, but hey sometimes you have to motivate the disables that they’re indeed on par with the normal people.

Alexis – Her facial expression was somewhat emotional but not her vocal and not perfectly on tune too.

Danny – The early verses seemed too low for his tone and he struggled to control the low notes. Anyway he blast it off halfway right to the end.

Anoop –The third note in “Maybe I..” was slightly off. But overall Anoop Dogg (Doug? Dawg? Whatever!) is back..

Megan – “the Megan way” as Randy and Kara like to put it, is just a proof that this lady really has her own style. Her singing last night reminds me of the jazz numbers way back in the 40’s. This lady is shaping up, err..I'm not talking about the physical aspect.

Matt – Just to be fair to Scott, Matt should sing without the piano too next week (only if he’s still around). Good performance though, silky husky voice.

My choice

Kris, Megan, Allison, Anoop, Danny, Lil, Adam, Alexis, Scott, Steve

And the verdict?

Bottom 3

Allison, Alexis and Michael


ALEXIS! (arrgh)


SciaS said...

Alamak..Alexis is out? Tidak sempat mo tinguk dia buat 'dirty' hehehe..this girl can sing but it's a matter of choosing the right song and performed it well..Just look at Adam..he doesn't sound like 'country' at all..he's more to 'MUSE' to me hehehe..but he brought us to his 'world'..susah mo lupakan dia ni...hehehe

BTW, dB....your choice are:

Kris, Megan, Allison, Anoop, Danny, Lil, Adam, Alexis, Scott, Steve

Sy confuse dah ni..mcm si Kara hehehe...why 10? where is no. 11 and who is Steve? hehehe

Let me think..think...think...
Got it!!
you missed Matt Giraud & Michael Sarver

and...Steve? No idea..u tell me hehehe

dBOS-fm said...

*LOL* Steve tu peserta Pilak Idol pula...

Yupp Matt n Michael termissed

Kris, Megan, Allison, Anoop, Danny, Matt, Lil, Adam, Alexis, Scott, Michael

Mcm ndak patut pula Alexis terkeluar...makin kurang ppuan. Rugi besar dia ndak dpt join Summer Tour!

SciaS said...

Ya bah...AI mmg pilih top 10 utk ikut tour...sayang betul si alexis

patut si michael tu yg keluar..tapi dia tu saya rasa dpt undi kesian hehehehe

dBOS-fm said...

Lagu Jolene ni I'm very familiar bah tapi bila dengar Alexis nyanyi lain betul tune dia..not too sure if she purposely change it or dia tersilap...but definitely it didn't please my ear.

Check out this AI related blog u gonna find gold there...hehe (in case u haven't been there).