28 Mar 2009

OIAM 3 - Top 7

Hmm...I'm not sure what is the theme this week. I thought it's got to do with 'make your own arrangement' but having heard Rizu and Aweera songs...nope it's not! Another girl (Fify) seen packing home. Assuming another girl eliminated next week, it's got to be either Amylea or Esther (as simple as that).

Straight to my ranking

1. Tomok - I hate to put him at No.1, but what to do, no other choice. He knows very well the strategy to attract or to get sweet words from the judges. And the formula is, doing the "opposite attract". I guess he's the one who kinda give the organiser idea of having the theme "opposite attract" (last week) after belting out Beyonce's song. So don't be surprised if he sings Siti's "Cinta Ku Bukan Di Atas Kertas" in fast tempo next :-).

2. Amylea - Good for her, for being allowed to sing her own composition (it's rarely happen in any singing competition). The good thing about Amylea is, she may change people's perception about AF as the ultimate platform to succeed in music industry, "look at me, I've been in AF but still not successful! I badly need OIAM to 'menuju puncak'" (or she's in OIAM just to promote her new album...I wonder why no objection from Maestro, she's still under contract isn't she?)

3. Rizu - The poor little boy with big voice. Poor, because he's been trying hard to impress the judges (no sweet words by Paul so far). But he impressed me, although there were some moments when he strained his voice in that performance.

4. Esther - As usual, good singing, but I'm just not connected with the song, just couldn't feel it. So it's not her who have problem, it's just me who have trouble with the song :-). What about turning some Malay songs into blues?

5. Aweera - As usual, merely an imitation, no originality. The cowboy hat? Luckily it wasn't Simon Cowell on the judges seat, otherwise we may hear words "you look like a brokeback mountain hero who is trying to be straight by singing a hardcore rock number!"

6. Nine - Hmm...nothing outstanding. But as usual this guy mampu mencetuskan suasana gempak which makes him so entertaining to watch.

7. Simon - He suppose to be tied with Nine at No.6, unfortunately Simon is least entertaining. Nyanyian kurang emosi. I just don't like seeing him singing while doing those little walks, macam kurang attitude dan gaya (he needs to synchronize those moves with the rythm)

Misi : "Selamatkan Bakal Ratu Modern Blues Negara Dari Tersingkir"

Kepada chatter yang cuba memburuk-burukkan Esther, maaflah di sini tiada ruang untuk memburuk-burukkan mana-mana individu. Setakat ini komen chatter berkenaan lebih bersifat memburuk-buruk bukannya sesuatu yang membina (so terpaksa didelete). Apa yang kita inginkan ialah kritikan membina (kritik-kritik juga tapi jangan lupa bagi sesuatu yang membina). Kalau setakat mau bagitau atau mengingatkan kami yang individu tertentu nampak tua, bagilah juga cadangan macam mana mau nampak muda. Kalau tiada idea, saya sarankan lebih baik diam saja (we don't need to hear that). Lagipun OIAM kan ada menyediakan saluran undi keluar, kalau tidak suka dan iri hati, senang saja just type 'No Esther'.


jeremytuah said...

Esther.. Singing MCR's I don't love you should be an advantage for her due to the song's popularity.. I am MCR's die hard fan and I really really really love the song. Unfortunately, she killed the song completely..She did..!! And I am a lil bit disappointed. The arrangement was so BORING (with capital B).. What the heck was that.. some song shouldn't be changed thoroughly for you might accidentally omitted the strength of the beautiful-song... and sadly 'I don't love you' was brutally killed last concert.. Vocally, we know Esther was good and perfect tho'.

dBOS-fm said...

I like this song