14 Mar 2009

OIAM3 - Top 9 konsert

This week's theme is song from local composers. Unfortunately it doesn't cover a wide group of composers including season composers like Ahmad Nawab or even Fauzi Marzuki himself (hmm). I'd say those who did a good job this week, outnumbered those who didn't. And last night another girl was ushered to the exit. Hopefully it's gonna be a guy next week.

Here's my ranking, as if it's very important...haha,just for fun bah kan (in descending order)

9. Anith - It's just too big of a song for her, she sang it in male's key dan kurang penjiwaan.

8. Aweera - Obviously some glitches detected. He didn't hit some notes precisely as well. Tiada penjiwaan, as if he's still in a jamming (rehearsing) session. It's totally the opposite of his performance last week.

7. Fify - Fearless with great confidence but not much variety (coloured) in her vocal tone. Falsetto tidak menjadi. She did it mostly in normal tone. A sexy song just lost its essence.

6. Simon - Nope it doesn't really attract my attention. Somehow he looked boring with the guitar. standing by the mic and just strumming. Why not get some mobile mic and move around with some actions.

5. Amylea - A jazzy voice singing 'Yang Pernah' in rock with a guitar? Unique but didn't quite give justice to the song. So here's the deal, if your last week's performance did not get positive remarks from the judges, this week just get a guitar and sing by the mic. It's the best way to avoid bad comments. Simon and Amylea had proven it.

4. Nine - Not a bad performance though and good 'penjiwaan' too. But unlike Amylea and Simon, Nine doesn't get good feedback from the judges even if he sings with the guitar (poor fellow). It's time to apply the formula, this week with guitar and no guitar the following week :-).

3. Esther - I can't imagine Esther ended up with this song (her own choice or what?). But judging from the list of songs, she hasn't got much choice. Kalis Rindu (Fify). Cinta (Rizu) and Mungkin (Anith) are other songs that she should consider. Anyway she didn't murder or butcher the song, just a fairly commendable performance. I like the way she choreographed her moves too, starting from a sitting position and walked slowly to the center of the stage. The 'kureng sikit' as Syafinaz said is probably due to her oufit :-). (It's high time to do a high-tempo song, 'Mercy' is highly recommended)

2. Tomok - Yupp the word 'smart' as Paul said has been in my mind since week one, when it comes to Tomok performance. He can't afford to sing in high pitch like MUH (or Faizal Tahir and Beyonce, in week one and two respectively) and had to make full use of his limited resources, creatively. With his trademark (jalan ala-ala orang mabuk) it worked!.

1. Rizu - Don't you think his version is totally different than the original? He gave it some sort of R & B treatment and along with his Anuar or James Ingram sound alike voice he did it with a bang! My number one choice...hehe


zrull said...

kesihan c aweera oh...silap masuk yg very beggining tu....wakakaka...

habis c aidit alfian juga..c syafinaz balik2 kutuk dia sebab x suh ubah lagu dia telampau banyak...komposer yg lain ok je pun...


dBOS-fm said...

Tulah patut c alfit bagi kelonggaran peserta guna kreativiti durang ubah lagu sikit2.