31 Jul 2007

Mafia style

Ini cerita The Godfather bahagian ke berapa pula ni? Hehe. The cop in question was so daring as if he's so influential but at the same time is so stupid *LOL*. How come he didn't use his brain to think that someday he's gonna get caught. Hmm...just wonder how long has he been acting as a godfather and just how many innocent people had become victims to his greed (I hope the poor Mongolian model is not one of them). Tabik besar habis kepada polis di Lahad Datu yang enggan mematuhi arahan beliau. Policemen with big heart, that's what we want...

... and here's the final results of the Malaysia most hulky man competition Finally the two hulky sumandaks made their appearance...

And if those beefy creatures above look pretty much like aliens to you, here's something that looks more human...or angels to some *grin*

Kalau yang dari Sipitang tu ndak menang...sya pun ndak taulah apa tu pengadil buat.