16 Jul 2007

Night of the amazing voices.

Marsha was there too

We arrived about one hour late for this concert. Sudahlah lambat, tempat parking pula masalah besar. Having wasted our times for a parking lot, we settled for a spot about 1 km from the stadium...arrgh! Beli tiket harga RM20 tapi duduk di tempat free, gara-gara sudah tidak larat berjalan jauh ke entrance untuk tiket RM20 (I didn't know penonton dibenarkan masuk tanpa tiket). A choir group was performing on stage when we were busy searching for seats. Their voices and harmony were so excellent, world class! So to speak. I was so hypnotized that I almost forgot to take a video shoot. What a big crowd as well, the main grand stand was almost full. The west section, where we were sitting (opposite the grand stand) was full. While the north and south sections were about 10-30% occupied respectively (probably the view from these two sections weren't that good).

Anyway for a start here's Christina Aguillera...err... I mean our very own Unduk Ngadau..Ms Joanna Henley performing a medley of gospel songs including Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up. Fabulous! and a standing ovation for her!

And this is the group (from the Philippines I think) that got me hypnotized (I didn't realise how noisy those kids who were sitting nearby until I played back this video)

Perhaps one word to describe the performances that night is 'hypnotic' cos I got hypnotized all the time...hehe (my friend took most of the videos). The performers were at the class of their own.

A heartfelt story

Still about 'voices'. Have you guys watched this movie entitled "Innocent Voices"?. Sebuah kisah benar menceritakan nasib seorang kanak-kanak berumur 11 tahun bernama Chava dan rakan-rakannya semasa perang saudara di El Salvadore sekitar tahun 1980-an. Cukup menyayat hati lebih-lebih lagi adegan di mana dua orang rakannya dihukum bunuh by short distance shooting (dahsyat!). The movie is currently shown on Star Movies channel. The next schedules are today at 11.15 am, 26 July at 5.45 am dan 31 July 5.20 pm. Sempena 50 tahun kita merdeka elok juga tengok filem macam ini kan? Sekurang-kurangnya kita tahu betapa sengsaranya suasana hidup dalam peperangan. Here's the link to its website. A very good movie indeed (just take a look at the awards it has won, including Best Foreign Language Film. 2005 Academy Awards).

Siapa yang tiada Star Movie boleh tengok Star Movies free of charge di sini (lingkuplah Astro macam ni!)