12 Aug 2008

Sukan Olimpik Beijing 2008

So have you been catching up all the Olympic actions in Beijing? Although we can monitor the games on Astro's Channel 816 (as if we're in a security control room at a shopping complex) I haven't got much time yet to watch it venue by venue. So far I depend entirely on the Highlight over Astro's Channel 824. The best thing about Beijing being the host is we are in the same global time zone. It's exactly the same "o'clock" we have here with Beijing so no confusion on the schedule. I like it also when names of the contenders are displayed as "Michael Phelps" for example and not as "Phelps, Michael"...:)

The opening ceremony was indeed breathtaking. Although the footprints formation by fireworks is a brilliant idea, I wouldn't say that Beijing 2008's ceremony is better than the previous Olympics. To me it's just a continuation of Olympic tradition to present a spectacular opening ceremony.

By now you must be very familiar with the Beijing 2008 logo

Logo ini dipaparkan menyerupai mohor (seal) yang bertulis perkataan 京 (jing, kependekan untuk Beijing) dalam bentuk badan seperti menari (sebab itulah logo ini juga dinamakan "Beijing Menari"). Lengkungan badan juga menyerupai tubuh naga Cina. Lengan terbuka badan itu melambangkan jemputan China kepada seluruh dunia untuk menghayati budayanya. Warna merah tu, biasalah kan warna kegemaran masyarakat China, besides a Chinese seal is always red, which also symbolizes the burning Olympic flame.

Tapikan setiap kali saya nampak logo ni di TV, saya mesti tersengih-sengih sebab teringat katun di bawah ini.

(Click the source here). Pereka katun ini mesti mengkaitkan kontroversi hak asasi manusia yang pernah mencetuskan pertumpahan darah di negara tuan rumah sukan Olimpik. Sekali pandang bentuk logo juga menyerupai badan manusia terbaring longlai dikelilingi darah...oops...hehe (a pure coincident). What a wild creative imagination. I've to say it's beyond my fantasy! It is meant as a joke (that's why I'm laughing). But certain parties can't take it as a joke.