13 Aug 2008

Stacy - Persembahan kontroversi di FFM

Rupa-rupanya inilah persembahan Stacy yang diheboh-hebohkan. Ributlah juga seluruh Malaysia...alamak terlebih sudah!

Kalau ikut lagu asal (Ogy) sememangnya sudah masuk rangkap pada minit 0:18. Bermakna Stacy memang sudah betul bila dia masuk rangkap pada ketika ini (walaupun sedikit silap pada mulanya). Yang saya hairan kenapa tiba-tiba ada drum attack masa Stacy masuk pada ketika yang betul? So I thought probably they made a slight change in the musical arrangement to make it more jazzy. With the new arrangement the vocal should start at min 0:28. Obviously you need enough practice when it involves a new musical arrangement. Not too sure what happened though. Could it be that she practised only with minus one and never with the live band? But the way she handled it...I'm impressed...very..very impressed!

Seeing this kind of blunder, it's just makes me laugh cause it clearly flash back a memory where I, being the vocalist, sang one whole song with only the sound of the drum beat at the back *LOL*. It turned out that the rest of the band members just forgot the musical arrangement for that particular song. They were sort of blank! *LOL*(we've been practising religiously about a week). The difference between us and Stacy, our show was not broadcast live on TV...hehe. But it happened in front of a thousand people (including a Chief Minister and some VIPs). Although I acted cool with a smile throughout the ordeal (just like Stacy did), I wish somebody killed me at that very moment...*LOL*. It wasn't my fault so why should I blame myself...*grin*.