7 Aug 2008

Suria FM Kinabalu

I first heard about this news from Ading, who asked if I happened to listen to Suria FM this morning. Errrm...since I only tune to Xfresh FM obviously I missed the program. Well looks like Suria FM is allocating some airtime for made-in-Sabah songs over its program called Suria FM Kinabalu hosted by Sabahan DJ Othoe (Andrew Impungan) who was a regular MC during many shows involving AF stars last year. Since I haven't got the chance to listen to this program yet, I'm not sure what its content or format like. But I expect they will be playing any song made-in-Sabah, irrespective of the language. This is indeed something that we should be very proud of. It's like a dream, of having our songs played over the national airwaves, finally come true. A big boost to singers, song writers, musicians etc in particular and Sabahans in general. So guys don't forget to tune in to Suria FM tomorrow morning around 6 am to 10 am (105.9 FM in KK). You can also catch the tranmission online just click here. The program is still on test transmission, so whether it's gonna be a daily, weekly or monthly show, remain a question. Thumbs up to Suria FM and hopefully other radio stations will follow suit soon.

Just a bit puzzle though, a great new development as this one is not given due publicity....errm not even on Suria FM's website...oops! Hopefully non-Sabahan listeners will not switch channel everytime this show is on air..hehe (or is the channel split?...I mean one is a normal channel and the other one set to KK listeners only? Can they do that?). So Suria FM will have a new tagline..."Hidup Pasti Rancak BAH!"