3 Sep 2008

Stacy - Ambang Merdeka KK

Dan ini pula khusus untuk peminat-peminat Stacy

Do you guys notice the melody guide on the minus-one music for the song Atas Nama Cinta (kuat pula tu). Minus-one ni maestro curi dari karaoke kah? *LOL*. It's really annoying and spoiling. A professional performance shouldn't have a melody guide.

And to capture the video below, I've to set the video cam to "sport" mode. The mode specifically made for fast or aggresive actions as in sport..:) .

Bazar Ramadhan Asia City KK

A nice view showing streams of people at Asia City's Bazar Ramadhan.

Muslims and non-Muslims alike frequented this food bazaar. I'm sure you'll be spoilt for choice here. A heaven for the food lovers. But some people find the price of most items sold here are just too expensive. I remember bringing some relatives here last year and having spent like an hour browsing they ended up buying at Restoran Sri Keningau which is just nearby..*LOL*