25 Jan 2007

The confusing C major lesson..

HOW TO: Play All Major Chords By Learning The Secret Formula Wit - video powered by Metacafe

A friend (who never touch musical instrument) was learning the lesson above...struggling he asked "macam mana mau main lagu?". Bila aku tengok...hmmm patutpun! The tutor should have used left hand to play chord (so that you can use right hand to play the melody). So the thumb as shown on the video is suppose to be your pinky. And it's got to be "PINKY down, 3 open, 2 open"...the key under your PINKY is the name of the major chord. So kalau mau nyanyi lagu Dusun selalunya pakai 3 chord saja...C, G and F atau D! (how's that for a lesson!)....fahamm..murid-murid?!

P/s: But not so sure if the lesson above is meant for left-handed!