2 Jan 2007

SMS New Year messages

I received a number of New Year greetings sent over to me via SMS. While most of them are short and simple (after all that's what SMS is all about), a couple of them are long messages (sent in two or three series of SMS). Unfortunately I've to delete most of them, in order to recover more memory space of my mobile phone. This include one message that reads something like "Happy New Year 2007...365 days of happines...52 weeks of fun....8,760 hours of bla..bla..bla...525,600 seconds of..." something like that. Another message reads "Happy New Year with abundance of blessing, happines, health and prosperity throughout 2007". But out of all the messages, I received this beautiful poem (but not too sure if it's originally written by the sender).

It reads; "Sweet words are easy to say.....sweet things are easy to buy....but sweet people are difficult to find. Life ends when you stop dreaming. Hope ends when you stop believing. Love ends when you stop crying. Friendship ends when you stop sharing. So share this with whoever you consider a friend. To love without condition...to talk without intention...to give without reason and to care without expectation...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!"

....very well written!


SciaS said...

Diorg ni kreatif2 bah kan :)
Dlm byk2 sms sia terima, I like this one most;
"Age appears to be best in some things.
Old wood, best to burn
Old authors, best to read
Old wine, best to drink
Old friends, best to keep!
Happy 2007!"

dBOS-fm said...

LOL...I like yours!

No doubt they're very creative...i don think i can come up with someting like that..