25 Jan 2007

The tricky tsunami

At one glance the earthquake that happened on Sunday, in Molucca Sea, Indonesia met the criteria to trigger tsunami. We can’t blame the PTWC (Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre) or the Japan Meteorological Agency for issuing the tsunami warnings, as they might have expected so. With the epicentre about 165 km to the east of Manado Sulawesi, it bears much similarity to the conditions that triggered massive waves in Dec 2004. This forced our local TV station to flash the warnings repeatedly on TV! But as it turned out to be, the 'big star' did not turn up. Shall I just say it was an anti-climax? So, if a strong underwater earthquake (7.6 on the Richter scale) did not cause big waves, then what actually will trigger tsunami? I strongly believe there are other contributing factors that need further study by scientists. Could it be due to some specific patterns in the ground vibration movement or distribution during earthquake? (After all, the winds, the clouds, the sea waves are all formed in various patterns depending on the daily or seasonal climatic and environmental conditions). Could it be due to some other patterns as well? The (earth) crack pattern maybe (?) What about the type of rock and soil surrounding the epicentre? Perhaps, at this juncture, the scientists are as puzzle as I am. Only God the Almighty knows what it is. Unless the mysteries surrounding the calamity are fully discovered, the people in the coastal area of Sabah will have to get use to ‘celebrating’ the ‘Tsunami Fest’, every time there is a submarine quake thousands of kilometres away from home. I can imagine how uncomfortable they are!

So according to the report above, if it is only an alert (berjaga-jaga) there's no need to lari bertempiaran. Kalau mau laripun boleh lagi berlenggang maintain ayu...atau maintain macho! But if it is a 'warning'...run for your life! Tapi kalau yang tengah mandi tu...make sure kamu sempat grab underwear...kekek! (palis-palis). Actually this reminds me satu cerita masa the first Tsunami Fest 2005, yang melibatkan penduduk pantai di Pantai Barat (KK and it's surrounding). Ada kunun sekumpulan pemuda, yang tinggal di Tamparuli tapi durang lari menyelamatkan diri ke Gunung Emas Tambunan! (motif?? kekek!)...ngam-ngam pula tu Saturday night! Bukan pula tsunami laut yang melanda, tapi tsunami pertengkaran rumah tangga!