29 Jan 2007

Elsewhere: American Idol 6

Nick Zitsmann vs William Hung

Meet Nick Zitsmann, arguably 'the worst rejectee' on American Idol 6. That makes him the close challenger to the infamous William Hung. He said his co-workers strongly encourage him to go for the audition. I guess it's just a fake encouragement and I can imagine how his co-workers fell to the ground laughing out loud watching his tuneless, robotic move on national TV!

And did they say they are both engineers?!!...arrrggggHh!!

P/s: Oooppss...looks like the videos are no longer available. Obviously they've been removed for violating the terms of use. They were not uploaded by me...but by other YouTube member who doesn't bother about YouTube TOS concerning copyright material. Applause to YouTube for taking such action (or FOX TV probably submit a complain!)