11 Mar 2008

AF6: Top 25

So AF6 had unveiled its 25 candidates (huh..25? Ramai juga). Their ages range from 18 to 44 years old. Checking on the list of candidates, not even a single boy from Sabah tersangkut this time *LOL* while two girls are on the list. The 25 candidates will be further filtered and the final cut will only be known on the 16 Mar (however it's not mentioned the number of finalists)

Two 'pengkritik tetap' are also revealed, Ogy and Ning Baizura. Probably the third pengkritik is a weekly guest (otherwise Astro decided to settle with only two pengkritik this season). My comment (does it matter? hehe), we've seen how Ogy criticised last year's contestants (I expect no changes from her). Ning Baizura? So far I only see her sits on the critics' chair once during AF3. She's so nice and merciful. Imagine a mother who sees her 6-year-old son conteng dinding and said softly "Yang...jangan conteng dinding yer yang! Mak saaayang...Boboi!" hah...cenggitu...she's that type of mother...penuh kasih sayang! But don't knowlah this time after she just got married (could she be extra loving?!)...:)

Sabahan hopefuls


And some article about Stacy (when she joined OIAM 1)


And Rin from KL, the 44 years old grandma with two grandchildren also made it to top 25 (hopefully nenek Maimon, the 89 years old nenek who contested in Kuala Terengganu parlimentary seat recently will vote for her)

...persoalannya...errr..."siapakah yang bakal dilontar pen biru kali ini?"