3 Mar 2008

Romeo & Juliet Hanya Di Mercu...:)

A video clip of Ayu performing her first single Hanya Di Mercu at the Grand Finale of OIAM 2 .

Mmm..let me see how to fix it. The good point about her voice is the volume is naturally loud. Some not so good point though, at certain time she sounded fatigue and at one time her voice squeak. So di sini pengadil tak bertauliah memberikan markah 5.3/10...:). Dari segi penghayatan pula (including gestures), memandangkan Ayu lebih mempamerkan expresi kesakitan dan sedih seolah-olah kecewa putus cinta (sedangkan tema lagu tiada kena mengena langsung dengan kekecewaan putus cinta) ditambah lagi beliau kerap mendongak 45 - 90 darjah sambil memandang siling (a gesture Paul once commented, as if she sings alone in a room, only for herself)...maka sekali lagi pengadil tak bertauliah memberikan markah 3/10...:D (punyalah kedekut pengadil! *LOL*). Hope to see more improvement from her in the future.

And here's Shila with her single Memori Tercipta

Nikki & Ebi - Rome & Juliet (Preview demo)

Here's the much awaited single by Nikki and Ebi, courtesy of Mr.Manager (at least anxiously waited by me...:))

Before this, I was kind of thought Nikki's voice is way too polished to be matched with Ebi's amateur voice (perhaps you need those giant voices like James Ingram, Luther Vandross, Luciano Pavarotti or that local guy Lan to duet with her) but having heard this demo, bravo! a successful and good colaboration indeed...:). As for the melody, obviously it's nothing like the standard ballads namely Ceritera Cinta (Jac/Rio) or Celine/Ingram's "A Whole New World" (what shall I call this...err..."aggresive balada"?..:P). So personaly I need some times to attune to the melody (maklumlah kan pak cik ni kena lahir zaman perang Jepun). The vocal arrangement is quite difficult or shall I just say challenging (bersahut-sahutan gitu), as if the voices need to overpower one another but as a whole I only hear one brilliant harmony, a great fusion indeed. One thing about Audi Mok, he always comes out with different concept for his works. Having heard Nikki's Cara Mu, I least expected that Drama is actually Audi's work and who would have thought Mahakarya Cinta (Faizal) is his karya too, they come in totally different shape and style (unlike most other composers, KRU for instance, where you can easily recognise their works). To me exploring new ideas, experimenting new things, new concept are his specialty perhaps Romeo & Juliet is just one of them. This is only the preview demo (but sounds good enough) minus the killer bridge (can't imagine how killing it is). Having said that, I’m all prepared to defend myself from being killed by the 'killer bridge'...:D.. once the complete version is released (I hope very soon) and am all set to see this single climbing the charts and wins awards just like most of Audi’s previous works.