4 Mar 2008

Brand new single from Ms. Carey

Mariah Carey is back with a brand new single! Despite her silence the past few years, she's still listed as one of the top 15 Cash Queen in 2007 by Forbes (after earning 6 million dollar between June 2006 - June 2007! Woww..wee!!). With such earning, she has every reason to be kind and generous....to the extent of offering...errr..her body to be touched!..:D. Actually that's the title of her brand new single "Touch My Body"...the video was released I think less than a week ago.

Hot! Hot!

Mike Myers: The Love Guru

How much do you like Mike Myers' movie? To me it's not only Mike Myers...but bring me any Hollywood comedies, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Steve Martin...etc, I can sit there for hours watching these comics. Coming June (arrgh! still a long way to go huh!) we have every reason to laugh when Mike Myers' "The Love Guru" will be released. That tiny little actor (what's his name?) is still on the cast list and set to be extra tortured by the hero.

Funny! Funny!

Fulamak lagu "More Than Words" versi petikan Sitar India...cayalah!

And that Justine Timberlake scene in speedo had hit the state by storm..*LOL* (duh! tak kanlah Justine Timberlake pakai underwaer ja terus ribut satu dunia). The words circling around said, that he stuffed some tube socks "there" for the extra bulge...mmm..it's just make you wonder "is he really that bad to have some tube socks stuffed 'there'?"