21 Mar 2008

Album Mila kurang laris?

I was slightly taken aback while reading an article about Mila's debut album. The album was released three months ago along with an aggresive promotion but so far only sold...like 4,000 units. This sales figure may not sound too good for someone who had garnered hundreds of thousands of votes to qualify her to be the winner of AF season five. Where are all the voters or could the votes only generated by 4,000 heads (unique votes)? Go figure.

I guess this is also the reason behind the delay of other AF stars debut albums. The numerous 'afundis' they gathered did not translate the actual number of heads who voted them. Well you know....something like....upon analysing the figures...Maestro found out that one contestant who have collected 100,000 votes for example has only 1,000 heads who have voted for him/her. You don't feel like producing an album that cost you thirty to fifty thousands ringgit (probably more) when only 1,000 people will buy it...ada untung meh? Maka ternanti-nanti lah peminat si bintang AF. Bukan penantian lima,enam bulan tapi bertahun-tahun....:O

Apapun terimalah saja persembahan dari peserta American Idol, Sayesha Mercado emotionally belting out "Yesterday" during the AI Top 11 concert (ni apa hal pula tiba-tiba tukar topik..hehe)

Another goosebumps performance....hah macam beginilah kalau nak gali lagu dek oi! Penghayatan tahap 5 bintang!